ABLE – Redefining the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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ABLE – Redefining the Fourth Industrial Revolution

ABLE – The big problems facing the economy are globalization, rapid expansion, and the need for global solutions. From luxury bags to art, supported products and other items purchased online may be fake. This issue affects not only buyers but also outside purchases.

The banking system in the modern sense comes from the 16th century in Italy and still exists today. The blockchain recently appeared, but many applications and followers have been found all over the world. The use of blockchain has many advantages but mainly allows you to not use intermediaries. Calling for math and computers is logical because people can not resist the urge to make a profit. This will reduce the cost of banking services, and this is the first time in thousands of years that people have trusted each other.

How Does ABLE Work?

Using encrypted funds, ABLE is responsible for managing the entire process from supplier to applicant account. Ability is based on money saving, speculation, and small payouts.

In terms of saving, ABLE mainly focuses on deposits, loans, and wages.

Partially diversified venture capital banks will have two key useful technologies, one is the ICO intelligent contract and the other is a smart funding contract. These are all real guesses when people consider digital currencies. Finally, we discussed micropayment, including credit cards, debit cards and mileage, and external services.

The Benefits Of The Project

Banks are the liaison between the lender and the borrower. Banks make a profit because of low deposit rates and high lending rates. The idea of ABLE is to remove the intermediate link from the chain – the bank. This will allow the lender and the borrower to agree to the terms of the loan.

Traditional banks are central institutions that are more vulnerable to hacking than online banks. If the bank goes bankrupt, both depositors and borrowers will suffer losses. The use of a decentralized model avoids the risks associated with traditional financial institutions.

In addition, the platform can be used to pay wages, and the ABLE developer wants to replace all the traditional financial instruments customers may need. All processes are based on the use of intelligent contracts, which will prevent others from cheating.

What will ABLE project bring to the modern financial industry?

Once the ABLE project is launched, the demand for banking services will be completely eliminated, as all credit and investment transactions will now be completed using smart contracts in P2P format. By the way, this contract is a digital simulation of a real financial agreement.

Unlike generally accepted contracts, smart contracts are executed automatically because when they are done they become part of a series of unchangeable blocks.

Financial Smart Contract

While most credits have reached search engines by chance among investors, the demand for various financial services will satisfy borrowers through financial intelligence contracts, including peer loans for long-term loans, large loans for lending and credit.

Loans and credit loans based on ABLE external data will be provided through various integration mechanisms after the development of the primary network.

The initial financial intelligence contract will be developed by ABLE and will gradually create an environment where various financial product developers can develop financial intelligence contracts based on the financial intelligence contract framework.

The basis of the ABLE project is a decentralized structure, which is a block. Therefore, network participants can interact with each other through latching mechanisms. This innovative development has a peer-to-peer structure that allows investors and borrowers to interact fairly. At the same time, the platform acts as an auto-guarantor, ensuring that both parties comply with the terms of the transaction. As a result, free markets will form in the ecosystem, lenders will be able to lend with greater profits, and borrowers will be able to borrow at a more favorable rate.

Because the structure is decentralized, the ABLE project database is well-protected. If one of the technical media is damaged, digital information will not be lost because blockchain will not change as a result.

Compared to centralized counterparts, the ABLE platform will be able to personalize financial products to effectively enhance platform capabilities. As mentioned earlier, these benefits are from decentralized structures that can economically store large amounts of digital information.

Platform Architecture:

  1. Application ABLE
    Users can use sophisticated tools in easy and simple applications. This app will be available on PC and mobile devices.
  2. Structure ABLE
    With smart contracts, you can handle deposits, loans, funds, and distribution benefits.
    This API is a special ABLE API that basically contains the same functionality as the Ethereum API, but it contains other APIs that can handle personal data and customer details that are difficult to enroll in the Ethereum public unit chain.
  4. ABOUT the Ethereum infrastructure
    Initially, the ABLE project will run on Ethereum using cryptocurrency gateways and block systems. To strengthen the bank / stock / payment system, an effective core network will be created.

ICO Details

  • Ticker: ABLE
  • The accepted currency: ETH, BTC
  • Initial issue: 25 000 000 000 ABLE
  • ICO ICO — I round of ICO — II round
  • The period on June 27 — on July 10, 2018 on July 16 — on August 10, 2018
  • Hardcap 1,27 000000 3,35 000000
  • Rate 0,00205 of $ $0,00215
  • Public sale: 15 000 000 000 ABLE — 60%
  • Reserve: 3 750 000 000 ABLE — 15%
  • Remunerations to team: 2 500 000 000 ABLE — 10%
  • Fund: 2 500 000 000 ABLE — 10%
  • Marketing and strategic partners: 1 250 000 000 — 5%


The project aims to address urgent issues in the financial sector. Please note that most development teams – Korean citizens – are only sold previously to residents of the country. Perhaps this shows that ABLE is more focused on Asian markets, and the desire to retain most of the platform’s capital in at least one country is clear. Thanks to the use of PoS, we can already say that the consensus on the network is mainly Korea. The idea of centralizing and distributing project stakeholders is very strange and unusual.

In the market for decentralized lending in the world, developers will face fierce and fierce competition. The reality is that those who want to carry out a revolution in the financial world and become leaders of the inevitable change process – more than enough.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the ABLE team, I just give you the latest ICO info”