BPAY – A New Payment Processing System Developed For Cryptocurrency

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BPAY – A New Payment Processing System Developed For Cryptocurrency

Bpay – Those interested in alternative systems that can provide users with better payment processing systems may want to consider a new platform, which may be the right solution. Most payment processing platforms are certainly useful, but they also have flaws. Many platforms are slow, the payment process is limited, costs are high, and options are very uncomfortable.

Called Bpay – This is a network payment processing platform. These are new, new, and complicated tools, but they are few, but they are just.

What is a Bpay BUY?

BPAY is a new payment processing system developed for cryptocurrency Processing systems can process transactions anywhere, anytime, Those using this system will be very grateful for the comfort and quality and all the security it carries. #BPAYIO #BUY

Only a few platforms in the market are reliable and effective like this, which is why it is the right choice to handle payments. Currently, the platform will also start selling tokens on March 17th. The price is quite low compared to other options.

Management depends on the criteria for period accumulation, ensuring that all possible advanced resources are recorded and traded as installment strategies, and then converted (or disliked by the merchant) into the nearest cash register or cash exchange.

Bpay.io is designed to help anticipate many computer currency standards, understand the internal interpretation of its currency, and big businesses need to recognize it as basic cash.

One of Bpay.io’s long-distance destinations, which depart from the service installment channel in virtual conditions, is a disconnected residential economy.

How to purchase Bpay work?

Before choosing a platform, it’s important to understand how it works. The buyer and seller processes are different. For buyers, there’s no need to download or manage anything. All that needs to be done is scan the QR code and copy the recipient’s address. To send payment, the system will receive information about the transaction within 2 seconds and the transaction will pass.

For sellers, it is first necessary to create an account, then integrate the code that the platform provides to their website, and ultimately track purchases and send money to a personal account or bank account.

Project advantages

Dealer Advantages:

  • The main advantages of Bpay.io are related to the concept of “one window” and expect the cooperation of merchants and other blockchain agreements.
  • By utilizing Bpay.io, the dealer can connect various people who are registered financially with his goods or department or division and for and beside and together.

Buyer’s Benefits:

  • The anonymity and mystery of the basic wallet used by the buyer
  • If an event does not receive a competent department/project, then the transaction is guaranteed by payment (Bpay.io is shown as a recipient exchanged when the asset is sent to the merchant’s record)
  • Use preferential digital currencies without the need for “cash” dealers for cash

Bpay.io retail

As the second stage of the progress of the framework, after recognizing and combining installment payments to online competent authorities, it was confirmed that the framework of bookkeeping and extraction of computerized currency forms should be applied to discontinuous conditions (bistros, exports of goods, florists, etc.).

The special view of the intermittent area suggests that, in general, traders are not inspired by the concentrated and complex progress. The main purpose of the retail profession is to increase customer base and develop business volume.

Therefore, the purpose of this field of Bpay.io is to make the most extreme repairs to programming follow-up programming in any case:

  • Ownership Bureau (same note)
  • Bpay.io is built within the scope of common technology
  • Accounting Module and Accounting License for every payment installment confirmation
  • The accounting module used to assess deductibles, permissions related fees, and procedures for compiling files
  • Extracting Asset Modules From Standard Guardian Currency

Token Distribution

Bpay Token Distribution

Funds Allocation

Bpay Funds Allocation

The Project Roadmap:


  • The idea
  • Private sale, Crowdsale
  • Official open Europe Bpay.io office
  • Open API for first merchants release (digital currency)
  • Edex.io Exchange opens
  • Receive “processing license” for bank connections
  • Open API for first merchants (fiat currency)


  • iOS and Android wallets and dashboard release
  • Open Bpay.io USA office
  • Bpay Retail “payment stick” release

The Project Team

BPay has been designed and created by a highly experienced team of 17 members of technology experts. The team’s members bring together expertise that gives them a deep understanding of the challenges faced by many crypto enterprises including the legal, regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Alexander Peterman – CEO & Co-founder
  • Oleg Prolubshchikov – CTO
  • Alyona Vorontsova – Project manager
  • Plus the BPay team & advisers


  • Token: BPay
  • Abbreviation: BUY
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepting: ETH, ETC, BTC, BCH, EOS, NEO
  • Total supply: 1b BUY
  • 1 BUY = $0.08

To know the latest information about Bpay project you can visit the link below:

WEBSITE : https://www.bpay.io/

WHITEPAPER : https://www.bpay.io/en-whitepaper.pdf

MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@bpay

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/Bpayio-243285332874797/

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/Bpaytool

TELEGRAM CHAT : https://t.me/bpay_chat

TELEGRAM CHANNEL : https://t.me/bpay_channel

BTT Profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH : 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c