888Tron – A Decentralized Gaming Platform Based On Tron Network

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888Tron – A Decentralized Gaming Platform Based On Tron Network

888Tron – Since my blog is dedicated to projects of decentralization and review today is not the new exception, I propose to speak today on the topic of online entertainment. For many, these statistics will look amazing, however, throughout the world as entertaining online gaming such as poker, casino and other gambling areas of the genre. This kind of free people usually prefers instead of the usual walk after work, as he often helps them to relax and have fun. What is there to hide you see how much the theme of online entertainment has become active, especially, when it is estimated that more than 1 trillion dollars and this is just the beginning. Many experts predict only increased the demand in the industry, so keep this in mind.

Lately, Tron became one of the Giants World Platform Cryptocurrency long after their launch in 2018 main net. A large number of developers Tron Network has chosen to start and develop their Dapps. Frankly, I was very impressed with the success of this great platform.

Today, I want to discuss 888Tron which happens to be one of the Tron Gaming DApps Network. It game platform is a groundbreaking technology with structured around a revenue-sharing model that is very good. 888Tron platform allows users on their platform to play, I have ownership and become part of the company through their original marks.

The good news about this platform is that investors who own or hold their original mark (888Tron) security is automatically part of the owner of the Company as entitled to the dividends will be paid payment. The companies TRX and will be distributed in a transparent model as designed by the platform.


But then again, everything has a downside and in our case, the traditional online entertainment systems are not quite honest. I am not talking about all or a person separately, however, in the world in this field there are a large number of dishonest providers that prevent honest getting all the players to have on the platform. This is done in elementary school, their activities no one can check and control, even more, all the games are hidden under seven locks and you do not know what happened over there on the other side of the screen. Suddenly principle of your favorite game was originally formed in such a way that you can not win there at all? Or, conversely, you can win some small part, but lost much more? Unfortunately, we can not know all that and worse we were not allowed to know.

Therefore, we have only two options for development events, or continue to play by their rules, or look for new sources of their every entertainment. One that we are now going to consider.


If we talk about the unique features of the project 888TRON, there are many of them. But I’ll start with the fact that everything in this project is not accidental, every detail and function carefully thought out by developers, ranging from when selecting blockchain network itself, the principle of charging coins, a set of games and other important aspects.

As you have already understood, blockchain TRON.network turned out to be the most suitable for the project concept 888TRON, because the network itself is developed for entertainment products and focus in most cases the game content. In addition, this blockchain meets all the required technical characteristics, data transfer speeds, and minimum commission charge. As for the game, and here they have a math course unique, stable and themselves from the game, which put a decent winning percentage. All games are powered by an intelligent source contract, allowing you to use them from any device without having to download.

At the launch of the platform, the developers intend to remain in the shadows for some time to give a chance to see for yourself and try to charm 888TRON work and get their first public coin. After that, the team will speak at public events and tells about the further stages of the project development, ie, legally resolve all the current problems regarding the legalization and purity of the project to get all the gambling licenses worldwide.

Three Basic Features 888Tron Ecosystem

888Tron Platform has three basic features that will be very useful to users:

  • Gaming platform Transparent / High-wining Potential
  • Mining by placing bets
  • The holder entitled to the payment of dividends Token

Mining Platform

888Tron Token Platform amount is 100,000,000. mining process involved bets placed at the level just by TIME and Levels. Each required every 48 hours will be blocked for mine. For me, only one 888Tron TRX unit requires a minimum of 700 on the first level and an additional 10 TRX at every level after that. There no o sign limit on the amount that can not be mined by the user during the period LEVEL. Revenue generated from mining distributed among the development team, advisors and partners of the distribution team results is as follows. Mining shares after the mining operation are finished. PLAYERS receive (65%), TIM receive (20%) (10%) went to ADS, 5% goes to TECHNICAL.

Payment of Dividend To Shareholders Token

Players on the platform will receive a dividend at the end of all levels of mining that takes place every 48 hours. As I mentioned dividend payments made by holders 888Tron earlier TRX Token Dividends distributed one in each week after the completion of mining.

Winning Runway transparent With Big Potential

Platform 888Tron encoded with a strong algorithm with a chance of winning is high. The platform is built on Blockchain made it impossible to be manipulated so as to ensure absolute fairness and a higher probability of getting.

Listing 888Tron Token

After 30% of the percentage of marks has been mined, the Token will get listed on the exchange of decentralization that can handle the security token. listing agreements will agree with all the token holder to prevent the loss situation in the values ​​of the mark.
To play the game on the platform, one step is to ensure you have Tronlink wallet. You will get so many choices for download on the official website Tron wallet. A potential player must have a TRX in their wallet that will enable them to make their bets. The second step is to set the number of TRX to be used in the betting

Referral Program

The 888Tron Gaming Platform has made the opportunity available to enjoy lifetime referral rewards just by referring to friends and loved ones. You will be entitled to 0.2% of all your referral bets made. All payments are transferred automatically think smart contract directly. All you need to do is to share your links and shared among friends and family. It only costs 8.88 TRX to create the link and enjoy the reward system of this remarkable community.

Token Distribution

As this project has a major base TRON.network blockchain, coins in a gaming platform will be TRX with symbols – 888Tron. In total, the developer will enroll 100 million coins, which can be obtained simply by playing games and participating in mining. more detailed principles and accrual token interactions can be studied in the project technical documentation, in which the percentage of algorithmic reveal all the time.

888Tron Distribution


I believe that 888TRON is ideal for all those who want to spend an active and interesting. Moreover, thanks to modern technology and advanced models of the game, you will eventually get a tool that is really worth where you can not only play their games but also to get to. After all, the whole principle of the same 888TRON intended only honest approach to each player, which shows the skills and talents you will not be left without adequate compensation.

To know the latest information about the 888Tron project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://888tron.com
Whitepaper: https://www.888tron.com/wp/888Tron_en.pdf
Twitter: https://twitter.com/888Tron
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/888tron
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/888_tron
Telegram English: https://t.me/tron888
Telegram Chinese: https://t.me/tron888_ch
Telegram Russian: https://t.me/tron888_rus
Telegram Korean: https://t.me/tron888_kor


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Telegram username: @ubaygates
TRON Address: TSDYphxHv9YWsqscaDmHWg23TmX9JVAYzK

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the 888Tron team, I just give you the latest ICO info”